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TRUCK-VALUES.COM PROVIDES REAL-TIME DATA FOR ASSESSING LOANS FOR HEAVY - MEDIUM DUTY TRUCKS – (Heavy Truck And Equipment, the first web site dedicated entirely to truck dealers and trailer dealers along with leasing companies that buy and sell wholesale between themselves – recently launched a new website – is the one and ONLY on-line research tool for anyone who wants to quickly determine true wholesale and retail values for medium and heavy-duty trucks. Within this website exists one of the most extensive databases ever compiled with true wholesale and retail sales figures for actual sales of thousands of heavy trucks. The sales figures in the database are instantly and constantly updated as more trucks are sold, making it the world’s only REAL-TIME source of commercial truck values.’s user-friendly interface can guide you through the process of obtaining data with a simple search. After specifying the make and model and either wholesale or retail sales, all similar trucks that have sold will appear on one page. Averaging the wholesale and retail sales figures provides a value that makes it possible to determine a fair loan amount and down payment, as well as what the truck will bring from dealers should the loan be forfeited.

Whether you are a loan officer that needs true wholesale and retail sales values for lending purposes or a dealer that buys and sells trucks on a regular basis: can give you the real-time information you need to make smarter decisions faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

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